• Moo Maverick

Putting Smiles on Faces since 1984

Innovative Game Ideas

Before I begin work on a new game, I rummage around in my big shoe box full of awesome ideas and pick out only those you really haven’t seen anywhere before.

Beautiful Graphics

A feast for the eyes: My games are such a delight that you’d love nothing better than to hang up your smartphone or tablet with a nail above your bed. (Beware of flying pixels!)

Intuitive Controls

Whether in a bus or on a train, beneath a table or on the schoolyard, with your mouth full or empty: I tweaked my games’ controls extensively, so that you can now play in virtually every situation.

My Games

Moo Maverick
Android Phone / Android Tablet / iPad / iPhone

About Me

Hi, my name is Volker Stuckmann and I develop innovative games for Smartphones and Tablet PCs. I combine original game mechanics with beautiful graphics and intuitive controls.
I’m a proud alumnus of the AV-Gründerzentrum NRW and had the privilege to get support in the form of seminars, coaching and a grant and meet a lot of interesting people.